Proficiency Info

Proficiency Information

Cooks Hill Nippers Pool Proficiency Swim

For safety, it is a SLSA requirement that all Under 8’s to Under 14 Nippers be assessed as proficient in the water before participating in any water activities. This proficiency process involves completing the Junior Participation Skill Evaluation.

Nippers wishing to compete at carnivals are also required to complete the Junior Competition Skill Evaluation.

This is compulsory for all Under 8’s to Under 14’s
(There is no swim requirement for Under 6’s & Under 7’s)

Please know that this is not a test which if not completed competently stops the child from joining Cooks Hill and Nippers.
The intention of the swim is to provide the Surf Club, in particular the Age Coordinators/ Managers and Water Safety Team with information on your child’s capability in the water. Any child that doesn’t meet the required evaluation level at first will be able and encouraged to carry out a swim and float (as outlined in the Pool Proficiency Schedule link below).


Welcome to Season 2021-22

For more information please see our Pool Proficiency Schedule.

All participants must complete the proficiency swim for their age group.

Proficiency Swim Details for 2021-22 season are TO BE CONFIRMED.
Proficiency Requirements:
  • Under 8 (7 years old on 1st October this year) requirement is a 25 metre swim and a 1 minute float
  • Under 9 & Under 10’s are asked to attempt a 200m swim within 6 mins
  • Under 11-Under 14’s are asked to attempt a 200m swim within 5 mins.

Parents MUST register their Nippers for the pool proficiency swim using this link. You will be taken to an online registration form, please complete the required details and in return you will be allocated a swim time.

Please ensure that the parent Nipper and Nipper/s membership has been renewed for the 2021-22 season BEFORE registering. As without renewing your membership, you won’t be able to complete the detail under the heading  Membership Payment Receipt Number. This is the number on your SLSA receipt after membership payment.

Alternative arrangements

Due to the restrictions created by Covid-19 and the limited time with Arnold’s Swim Centre, we strongly encourage you to have your child’s accredited swim coach assess and carry out an independent pool proficiency swim. Please print a copy of this form and have the swim coach complete it. Once completed, please provide a copy to by TBC.

If your child has not completed the proficiency swim they will not be allowed to participate in Sunday activities until a certified form from a swim school is provided.