Age Managers


As a voluntary organisation we need help from you, the kids’ parents and guardians, to be able to make Cooks Hill LS & SC Nippers an enjoyable experience for all our 700+ Nippers.

We are continually working to make Cooks Hill LS & SC a club where all children feel proud to be a member, where they learn individual and team skills on the beach and in the surf, and above all where they have a great time each Sunday. We are always looking for volunteers to help during Nippers activities.

Only parents/ guardians that are registered with the club and have completed the online Age Managers training course are able to assist with Nipper activities on the beach.

Any parent who wants to know how to get involved with helping out on the beach (let’s face it – you’re there anyway!) please email our Director of Junior Activities, Pete Sutherland on

Returning Age Managers

If you are a returning Age Manager, thanks for volunteering again for another exciting season!

Please check the eLearning tab within your Members Area portal to ensure that you have completed the required SLS – Age Managers course, as it’s critical that it’s completed before the season starts.

Whether you have previously or recently completed the course, please forward a copy of the completion certificate to our Admin Team at This way we can ensure we are doing the right thing!

New Age Managers

Age managers use their experience and passion for youth development to mentor Nippers and facilitate fun learning programs that encourage and develop young surf lifesavers. An Age Managers goal is to enrich the lives of Nippers through the delivery of surf lifesaving knowledge and skills in a fun and safe aquatic environment. Parents are encouraged to become Age Managers during the Nipper season. Support from willing parents makes life easy for all and ensures that children have a good time.

Nipper parents are unable to assist with water based activities unless they hold proficient Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) or higher. SRC training and many more courses are held within the club. Please check the Education tab to read more.

To become a qualified SLS age manager, you must:
• be a minimum of 15 years old
• have completed the relevant state/territory legislation check – Working with Children’s Check (WWCC)
• be a financial member of Cooks Hill LS & SC

Before you start as an Age Manager you MUST complete the online SLS – Age Managers course through your Members Area portal. Please click here for instructions.

Have some questions around the WWCC? Click here for the SLSNSW FAQ’s.

Age managers are provided with a green Age Manager shirt to wear during Sunday Nippers. This will be issued at the start of the season.

Age Manager Resources

A wealth of information and knowledge, align with session plans and information can all be found here!

Links to the SLS Age Guide booklets (from U6 to U13’s) are below and we recommend having a read through as they are filled with great information on the responsibilities of an Age Manager, sample of an activities program and lesson plans.

U6 Age Guide booklet – Surf Play 1
U7 Age Guide booklet – Surf Play 2
U8 Age Guide booklet – Surf Aware 1
U9 Age Guide booklet – Surf Aware 2
U10 Age Guide booklet – Surf Safe 1
U11 Age Guide booklet – Surf Safe 2
U12 Age Guide booklet – Surf Smart 1
U13 Age Guide booklet – Surf Smart 2

Signals – Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue diagram

Nipper Session Plan Template

SLS Nipper Games Suggestions

Life Saving Victoria Nipper Education Program Resources Guide

Age Manager Factsheet

Age Manager Code of Conduct is found here.