Targeted at young children between the ages of 5-14, Nippers is a fun and safe way to introduce the lifesavers of tomorrow to the ocean environment.The beach is our classroom and your child will gain confidence with swimming, body boarding, beach sprints, learning how to manager a rip and most importantly having fun with new friends.

Cooks Hill has a long and proud history of Nippers, we have one of the largest nipper community’s in NSW with close to 700 nippers joining us from October -March of each year.

Parents should remember that Junior Nipper Activities does not teach swimming, but surf confidence!

How to Become a Nipper

Boys and girls aged Under 14 as at 1 October are eligible to join. Children must be 5 years old as of the 1st October.

Registrations open in August of each year and all new nippers must attend one of our new nipper registration days – we do not accept online registration for new members.

Please visit our membership page, for all information about joining Cooks Hill