Nippers Information

Nipper Registrations – HAVE CLOSED

That’s right – our intake for new and returning Nippers has closed as of Monday 25th October 2021.


The commencement date for the 2021-22 Nipper Season is Sunday 5th December!!

We are encouraging the “Turn up, Participate and Leave” practice as per SLSNSW advice.

Whilst we are planning to run a nipper programme that is as near to normal as we can safely make it, this season will look a bit different. Due to the fluid nature of the recommendations from Government Authorities related to Covid-19 we cannot guarantee a continuous or full season

  • Club facilities ie change rooms, toilets and showers will not be open this season. Council facilities will be open.
  • Accompanying parents, guardians etc attending nippers must register at every session on arrival for contact tracing if required.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at various locations around the club, we encourage use as required.
  • Our numbers are limited (by Gov’t guidelines) so in order to comply with the Public Health Order (PHO) we request only one parent to attend with their nippers unless you are actively involved in running the nipper programme, ie age manager, water safety, Covid Safety Monitor.
  • Nippers, whilst participating in their programme do not have to maintain physical distancing however all spectators (parents, guardians etc) must maintain 1.5m distance as per Dept of Health advice.

Please be aware that Nipper session times may differ from previous years to help meet number limitations for Public Health Order (PHO) compliance. For the continuing safety of our Nippers there are three Nipper sessions each Sunday. The proposed times per age group (subject to change) provide a 15 minute window to allow Nippers and their families to exit the beach (if leaving). The times are:

  • 8:15am report to Age Manager, 8:30am – 9:30am
    U6, U8 and U14’s
  • 9:30am report to Age Managers, 9:45am – 10:45am
    U7, U10 and U13’s
  • 10:45am report to Age Managers, 11am – 12:00pm
    U9, U11 and U12’s

When and Where

  • Nippers runs from Sunday 5th December until TBC, with a Christmas and New Years break between TBC to TBC.
  • Meet your Age manager and Nipper group at your age group flag on the beach in front of the Clubhouse.

What do I need to provide?

Please ensure your kid/s are ready and outside the Clubhouse 15 minutes before Nippers starts:

  • wearing a Nipper coloured cap for U6 – U13’s and a tri coloured cap for U14’s (compulsory). Please write your child’s name in large letters on both sides on the outside of the cap.
  • wearing a hi-vis pink rash vest or long sleeve rashie (compulsory).
  • in their swimwear (Club swimwear isn’t required); covered in sunblock; fed and hydrated.

SLIP (on a shirtSLOP (on sunscreen) and SLAP (on a hat)

2021-22 Nippers calendar

2020-21 Nippers BBQ roster

2020-21 Nipper Parent Info Handbook

Junior Activities COVID-19 Safety Plan 2020-21 Season

Membership Refund Procedure

SLSNSW Frequently Asked Questions

CH LS & SC – Junior Aims and Objectives

Parents Carers and Supporters Code of Conduct

Season 2021-22 Age Group Ready Reckoner

Age GroupBirthday Between these DatesMarshalling LocationStart Time *
Under 61st October 2015 –
30th September 2016
North of Lifeguard TowerReport for 8:15am
Under 71st October 2014 –
30th September 2015
B/w Tower & Club RoomsReport for 9:30am
Under 81st October 2013-
30th September 2014
North of Lifeguard TowerReport for 8:15am
Under 91st October 2012 –
30th September 2013
B/w Tower & Club RoomsReport for 10:45am
Under 101st October 2011 –
30th September 2012
North of Lifeguard TowerReport for 9:30am
Under 111st October 2010-
30th September 2011
B/w Tower & Club RoomsReport for 10:45am
Under 121st October 2009 –
30th September 2010
In front of Club RoomsReport for 10:45am
Under 131st October 2008 –
30th September 2009
In front of Club RoomsReport for 9:30am
Under 141st October 2007 –
30th September 2008
Water safety TentReport for 8:15am

* Marshall 15 mins prior