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Nipper Registrations – HAVE CLOSED

That’s right – our intake for Nippers has closed as of Monday 25th October 2021.


Registrations for returning Members – ARE OPEN

We invite Active, Active Patrolling (18 yrs +), Associate, Rookie, Cadet, Long Service, Past Active and Reserve Active Members to renew their memberships. Renewals are to be done through the SLSA Members Area.

Patrolling Members – please ensure you have renewed your membership prior to Saturday 30th October 2021.


Membership Fees 2021-22 Season

New Nipper Membership$100.00
Renewing Nipper Membership$100.00
Nipper Parent Member$90.00
New Nipper cap$20.00
Active (15 – 18 years)$100.00
Active (18 years and above)$110.00
Active Reserve Membership$110.00
Long Service Membership$110.00
Associate Member$140.00
Family Membership (4 or more family members with dependents under the age of 21 years)$400.00
Carnival Fee’sClick here for the Competition Fees and the Carnival Entry Process
Change Room Access Fob Fee’s (outside of normal operating hours)

Change rooms have reopened.

Members who hold a Change room access fob, are to complete the below Fob Reactivation and Declaration form before access is reconnected.

All Members have access to the change rooms during normal club operating hours. For those Members who wish to access the change rooms outside of these hours, it is possible to purchase an annual Change Room Access Fob.
Membership Refund Procedure
Change Room Access Application FormAccess and Key Policy
Fob Reactivation and Declaration Form
Change Room Access Fob costsActive/ Life Membership – $75.00
Associate Member – $150.00