Our sponsors and supporters cannot be thanked enough

Our sponsors are the lifeblood of our club. Their generous financial support makes our job of providing a safe and healthy environment for our Members and the public much easier.

As a not for profit, volunteer based organisation, our primary sources of income are from the generous contributions of our sponsors and supporters. With Cooks Hill LS & SC now over 100 years strong and with our proud record of “no lives lost whilst our volunteer lifesavers are on patrol”, our sponsors are proud to be associated with us.

We understand that each business person or corporation has different perspectives on sponsorship spending.  At Cook’s Hill LS & SC, we will always endeavour to give back to those who give to us.

Our sponsors help us:

• Maintain our proud lifesaving record;
• Equip patrols with required lifesaving education, training and equipment;
• Encourage and facilitate healthy and balanced competitive participation;
• Create an environment that sparks a passion for community service and team participation within the ranks of our junior members;
• Assist our younger members to build skills that are transferable to other parts of their lives.


What do we offer our Sponsors?
  • Your logo along with a brief summary of your business will be displayed on our website
  • Logo printed in our Annual Report
  • A banner with your logo displayed during the weekends over summer
  • Invited to Presentation evenings
  • Included in special events at the Club


If you are interested in supporting Cooks Hill LS & SC, please contact our President – Richard Hermens by email at president@cookshillsurfclub.com.au to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

We look forward to you being a part of our club!