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Skills Update (Proficiency) Sessions for the 2015 – 2016 Season


The scheduled proficiency dates for 2015 – 2016 season are;


  • Saturday 3/10/2015 – 10am
  • Sunday 11/10/2015 – 12 noon
  • Sunday 25/10/2015 – 12 noon


at Bar Beach. The proficiency will be on ANY WEATHER so turn on one of these dates.


Registrations start 15 minutes before the proficiency commences. Be on time as it works out easier for everyone.


Who needs to do the Skills Update (Proficiency)?

Each season every patrol member and water safety member is required to undertaken an annual skills update for the following awards.

  • Surf Rescue certificate (SRC)
  • Bronze Medallion (BM)
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC)
  • Spinal Management (Spinal)
  • Radio Operator (RO)
  • IRB Crewman
  • Silver Medallion IRB Driver
  • Senior First Aid (FA)

It is important for all patrol members to undertake their annual skills update in all of their awards to meet our patrol obligations.

With 300+ patrol members and water safety members organising and delivering the annual skills update is a significant coordination effort so your prompt and timely attendance is required.

All skills updates need to be completed by 31st December of the current calendar year.

Members who received their awards in the second half of the previous season (January to April) will still need to undertake the annual skills update. This is particularly relevant to SRC and new water safety members who may not be fully aware of this requirement.

You Must Be Financial

To be allowed to attempt your proficiency you MUST be a financial member and as such covered by insurance. Your membership expires on 31/8/2015.

Please pay your membership ASAP, go to Update your details for further information

Attending the Skills Update (Proficiency) Session.

Each member attending the skills update session must sign the attendance sheet, this allows the Club Captain to track your attendance and progress through the proficiencies.

Each member will need to take a proficiency card, see below, and undertake the proficiency (skills update) in the awards they currently hold.

The use of proficiency cards allows the theory and practical sections of each award to be undertaken at different times in event that the surf is closed. So please turn up to the scheduled proficiency dates add do the theory even if the weather is poor and the surf is closed.

To complete the white card each member is to complete the top section of the card with, Name and Date of Birth.

The assessor(s) assigned to the skills update sessions will initial the card as the club member completes each aspect of the assessment.

When the club member completes all sections of the skills update for each of the awards they hold the card is to be returned to, “handed-in”, the assessor on the day, typically Craig Doherty or the Club Captain, Mark Doherty

Good Luck. Any questions please contact the Lead Assessor (Craig Doherty) or Club Captain (Mark Doherty)