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Requirements & Obligations

    Club Patrol Rules

  1. Arrive on time – 8:30am for mornings patrol or 12:30pm for afternoon patrol
  2. Full patrol uniform must always be worn on patrol
  3. At least 1 patrol member should always be monitoring the radio (Ch 3-SurfCom)
  4. All intra-patrol communications should be via Ch 2
  5. The Patrol Captain shall be made aware of all member locations/activities
  6. At least 2 patrol members shall stand at the water’s edge with a tube + whistle when ever swimmers are in-water
  7. Rescue tubes shall always be carried when lifesavers are on the beach
  8. Rescue tubes located at each flag base & at the patrol tent
  9. Members should not text, sunbathe or engage in any unprofessional behaviour (in uniform) in public view
  10. Only qualified IRB driver + crew to operate IRB
  11. The Club Captain and relevant officer (First Aid Officer, Radio Officer or IRB Officer) shall be notified immediately of any equipment damage/issues
  12. Patrols will washdown, clean and store all equipment appropriately (especially IRB and outboard)
  13. Complete ALL paperwork and Logbooks accurately and legibly

    Minimum Qualifications Required on every Patrol

  14. 1 x Basic Beach Management (BBM)
  15. 1 x IRB Driver
  16.  1 x IRC Crew
  17.  1 x ARTC
  18.  1 x Spinal

Note: If no IRB driver and/or crew available this will be considered a Non-compliance against Cooks Hill’s patrol obligations

Patrol Requirements & Equipment

Patrol Room Log Books

1. Patrol Log

a. All members to sign pre-printed patrol log
b. ALL patrol Members to complete start time when sign on and finish time when they leave
c. Use a 2ND page if required do not squeeze on top or bottom of page
d. Indicate if a Voluntary patrol, Water Safety or Makeup Patrol
e. Patrol captain to complete ALL rescue, first aid and beach statistics, incident details and handover information on pages 2 – 5 of the patrol log as these are entered into Surfguard Database

2. Radio Log

a. Fill in ALL patrol details at top of the page
b. Record ALL communications details at Sign On, Change-over, Sign Off and any communications during the day
c. Communication status of IRB (an operation IRB is a must)
d. If conditions change throughout the day, eg surf conditions, IRB status, etc notify Surfcom
e. Radio Communications NOT WORKING telephone Surfcom 02 9471 8092 direct
f. Notify SurfCom of ALL incidents and ALL emergency services are to be requested via SurfCom.

3. IRB Log

a. Complete IRB log for ALL IRB activities

 Patrol Uniforms

The minimum Patrol Uniform is; SLS Patrol Shirt, SLS Patrol Shorts, Quartered Patrol Cap, SLS Peak or wide-brim hat.

Beach Patrol Area

  • Patrol Shelter, be Sun-Safe & look after your team
  • Red & Yellow Bathing Flags / Feathers
  • Black & White Surf Craft Exclusion Flags
  • Orange & Blue Stripe Signal Flags
  • 2-Way Radios, manned at ALL times
  • Oxygen resuscitator, checked and easily accessible
  • DEFIB UNIT, easily accessible
  • Rescue Boards, at least 2
  • Rescue Tubes, at least 2
  • First Aid kit
  • Whistles
  • Swim Fins at least 2 pair
  • IRB with IRB area signs erected


The attached patrol operations manual has been prepared to assist and guide patrol teams

Cooks Hill SLSC Patrol Operations Manual 2016-2017

SLS NSW Standard Operating Procedures 2016-2017


Patrol Obligations – Attendance and Substitutes

Cooks Hill Surf Club has made a commitment to protect the bathing public. To achieve this each patrol must be fully manned.

If you are unable meet you patrol obligation, ie you cannot make patrol on the day you are rostered you MUST arrange for a substitute to attend in your place.

The substitute preferably should be someone with the same qualifications as yourself and then you must return the favour whenever mutually agreeable.

Always let your patrol captain know about any substitutions.

If all else fails, please contact the Mark Doherty (Club Captain) on 0417 730195 or Mitch Hermens (Vice Club Captain) on 0414 734564

NOTE: If you are rostered onto Patrol on the same day as a Surf Carnival, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to attend that carnival and compete if you neglect your patrol obligations and do not have a substitute for your patrol.

The ramifications of non-attendance could include penalty patrols, competition privileges for ALL club members (juniors, seniors and masters being suspended) or the worse case… we may fail to adequately protect the bathing public and loose our 100 year long impeccable record of no lives lost between the flags at Bar Beach.

Failure to attend patrol or arrange a substitute will affect your patrols chances of Patrol Of The Year so think of your team mates.

Patrols rosters are subject to change as membership changes. Refer to this website or the newsletter for changes that may happen.

Also ensure you contact details are up-to-date as communication is via SMS or email