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Nippers Information

Cooks Hill Surf Club Nippers

Nipper Presentation Information

  • U6’s & U7’s -Sunday 25th February 2018 – 8.30am-9.30am
  • All other Age Groups – Presentation Day 25th March 2018
  • U8’s & U9’s – 11am – 12pm
  • U10’s & U11’s – 12.30pm-1.30pm
  • U12’s-U14’s – 2pm-3pm

Nipper Registrations are CLOSED

Nipper Start Times – Season 2017-18

For the continuing safety of our Nippers there are 3 Nipper sessions each Sunday

  • 8.30am -9.15am
    MINI’s – Under 6 & Under 7
  • 9.30am -10.30am
    SUB JUNIORS – Under 8 & Under 9 plus Under 14’s for WATER SAFETY
  • 10.30am – Noon
    JUNIORS  Under 10-14’s

Nipper Calendar 2017-18

Nipper BBQ Roster 2017-2018

CHSLSC – Working with Children’s Policy

Season 2017-18 Age Group Ready Reckoner

Age Group Birthday Between these Dates Marshalling Location Start Time – Marshall 15 minutes prior
Under 6 1st October 2011 – 30th September 2012 North of Lifeguard Tower 8.30am
Under 7 1st October 2010 – 30th September 2011 B/w Tower & Club Rooms 8.30am
Under 8 1st October 2009 – 30th September 2010 North of Lifeguard Tower 9.30am
Under 9 1st October 2008 – 30th September 2009 B/w Tower & Club Rooms 9.30am
Under 10 1st October 2007 – 30th September 2008 North of Lifeguard Tower 10.30am
Under 11 1st October 2006 – 30th September 2007 B/w Tower & Club Rooms 10.30am
Under 12 1st October 2005 – 30th September 2006 In front of Club Rooms 10.30am
Under 13 1st October 2004 – 30th September 2005 In front of Club Rooms 10.30am
Under 14 1st October 2003 – 30th September 2004 Water safety Tent 9.30am


Aims and Objective for Cook’s Hill Nippers

CHSLSC Juniors Aims and Objectives underpin everything we do –
1. To develop new members to progress to cadet and senior ranks to carry on the club’s surf patrol and rescue obligations. This requires the  development of rescue and resuscitation, teamwork and leadership skills.
2. To improve the surf awareness and skills of children and young adults in our community.
3. To develop the fitness and sportsmanship of members through training and competition within the club and with other clubs.
4. To encourage and recognize achievement in competitive events, skills development and participation.
5. To provide an opportunity for recreation and socializing.

Swimming Tuition – We are not a learn to swim facility

It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange swimming tuition and training for their children. Cook’s Hill SLSC teaches surf awareness and skills, but does not teach swimming itself. Nippers are encouraged to participate in regular swimming training at their local pool. Surf club activities complement pool training, they don’t replace it.

Surf Education
During the season, each age group from under 6 through to under 14 will be given some Surf Education tuition by their Age Managers. The primary purpose of Surf Ed is to develop the children’s ability to recognize a safe beach zone or aquatic environment and to enhance their ability to safely recreate.

The secondary purpose is to provide opportunities for fun, learning new skills and developing a concept of recreation and sport. Specific learning outcomes are identified in Surf Ed for each age group, and a variety of resources and activities are provided to achieve these outcomes. The practical aspects of Surf Ed are covered during normal nipper activities on the beach, under the guidance of the Age Group Managers. Surf theory and first aid, etc may be taught in the clubhouse in a ”classroom” session or on the beach, depending on weather conditions and the nature of the skills to be taught.

All nippers are expected to participate and complete the Surf Ed program for their age group. Completion of the program is a prerequisite for competing in the Branch and State Championship carnivals. Nippers who successfully complete the required activities, and demonstrate the required practical surf skills will be presented with a high quality certificate.

Participation is a cornerstone of the Surf Life Saving Movement. Be in it!

Surf Life Saving is one of the lowest cost sports or activities you or your children can be involved in. One of the reasons for this is that just about everything in the Surf Life Saving movement is run by volunteers. The best way to have a great season is to be involved. By helping out, you will not only be helping our Nippers (Junior Members), but you will find more satisfaction, enjoyment and friendship while showing support for your kids’ involvement and effort. Your assistance is needed and there are many areas that you can help out as age managers, coaches, water safety, marshals, officials, Café assistant or Set up or Pack up assistant – Your Children will be very proud of your efforts.

Cook’s Hill is a family club and has a great social side for children and parents.

Codes of Conduct
The Club’s philosophy is that children have fun and are supportive of their fellow Club members and that positive parental behavior will influence our children in achieving this philosophy. All nippers, parents and spectators are expected to abide by the following codes of conduct. Continued or serious breaches may lead to disciplinary action.

Parent’s and Spectators Code
• Do not make an unwilling child participate in sport.
• Children are involved in sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
• Encourage children to play by the rules.
• Encourage the effort being as important as the result.
• Work towards improving skills and sportsmanship.
• Do not yell or abuse a child for making a mistake.
• They are trying as hard as they can.
• Recognize and encourage their efforts.
• Do not publicly question an official’s decision.
• Recognize the efforts of volunteers.

Participant’s Code
• Play to enjoy the sport.
• Follow the rules.
• Do not argue with an official’s decision.
(The Team Manager or Age Manager can ask necessary questions.)
• Control your temper and be a good sport.
• Treat other participants as you like to be treated.
• Remember it is your aim to have fun and improve your ability.
• Listen to your coach, managers, team members and mates.

Junior Contacts
Drew Miller – Junior Activities Coordinator

Please call or email if any of this needs clarification.