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IRB Training

IRB Crewpersons certificate and/or IRB Driver training 2014/15 season.


IRB Training Dates

IRB Training Info


Dear Cooks Hill Surf Club members,

This is an invitation to do the Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Crewpersons certificate and/or IRB Driver training.  Our introductory session and first theory session will be held at the club on 12th October at 11am
which will go for about 1 hour.  The rest of the course is outlined as below.

Essentially to do these awards you need to be physically fit and strong and also be confident in the water.  It makes training and your general competency in crewing and driving better if you have had a lot of experience in the surf, either surfing, swimming or competing.

– See at the end of this document.

Crewpersons course.
Takes between 5-8 practical 1 hour sessions (depending on ability).   Once you have completed the Crew certificate, you can do the drivers straight after if you like.   All training is competency based rather than number of training sessions.

IRB Driver course (Silver Medallion)
IRB Driver course takes between   5-8 practical 1hour sessions (depending on ability).    You need to have a Boat licence or we can arrange to organise a boat licence for you ( takes an easy 1 hour of your time through the surf club at Cooks hill). If you need for us to organise your boat licence, please email John Silva at
johntanyasilva@hotmail.com.  You cannot do any driver training until you have your boat licence.   

Training schedule
We have a huge variety of days that you can choose to do your practical sessions.  The training times are listed on the document named “IRB Crew_Driver training dates 2014_2015” which is on the education tab on our website. You need to ensure that you fit in adequate number of minimum sessions prior to the assessment date.

Dry practical compulsory training session – Sunday 26th October – Wet/Dry training 1pm

Compulsory theory evening training session.

Thursday 30th October – 6PM – Compulsory theory night at the Club (about 1 hour).  This is to complete the Learner Guide.  If you can’t make this you will need to complete this in your own time which is easily done, but is easy done in a group.

Compulsory pre-assessment session.
22nd Nov Saturday 9.30am – Compulsory pre-assessment session
This is to check that your training is on schedule.



Assessment will be on Sunday 7th December at 11am.    There will be an early assessment on Sunday 9th November for thosewho want to go on and complete the IRB drivers certificate.

John Silva is the training coordinator and looks after all theory components.  Practical (in the boat) trainers are a mix of very experienced drivers who will train you on all the “in the boat” training.   See the “IRB training dates” on the education tab on our website for trainers and times for practical/wet/in the boat training.

Training information
This information letter is on the education tab on our website for your convenience and access.

Any queries regarding the IRB courses, feel free to call or email me.


John Silva
Cooks Hill Surf Club IRB Trainer.
0430 432 416


IRB Crew Certificate
To commence training for the IRB Crew Certificate you must meet the following course prerequisites.

• be at least 15 years of age to commence training

• be at least 15 years of age on the date of final assessment

• hold the SLSA awards : o Bronze Medallion


IRB Driver Certificate (Silver Medallion)
To commence training for the Silver Medallion (IRB Driver) you must meet the following course prerequisites:

• Minimum of 16 years of age to commence training

• Minimum of 17 years of age on the date of final assessment

• Hold the SLSA awards :

• Bronze Medallion

• IRB Crew Certificate

• Have a NSW Boat licence (if not you can do it with the Surf Club for free which takes you about 1hour)