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Club History

Cook’s Hill Life Saving and Surf Club (CHLS & SC) was founded on April the 11th, 1911. Finances were slender, equipment minimal and outside interest sparse. The Cook’s Hill Life Saving and Surf Club had nothing but the determination to succeed, a determination that is still evident in the club today, some ninety years later. Cook’s Hill aims to maintain its’ outstanding record of a club where no lives have been lost between the flags whilst being patrolled by its members.

In the early days of Cook’s Hill Surf Lifesaving history, there was no equipment to instruct surf lifesaving, rather,instruction took place under a street lamp with a chair borrowed from a nearby church substituting as a lifesaving reel.

The adversity did not dim the enthusiasm or determination of the Cook’s Hill members to succeed. Today, conditions of surf lifesaving instruction have substantially improved in part due to sponsorship received by the club, leading to such improvements as the newly renovated club house, donated resuscitation manikins and the introduction of workplace training accreditation. All of these improvements, with the ongoing support of sponsors in the Newcastle Region, help to ensure the level of instruction at Cook’s Hill SLSC improved. Cook’s Hill continues the tradition of surf lifesaving instruction, with approximately 100 awards gained by the club’s members each year.

The club has a long, proud competition record. In 1914, at Newcastle Beach, the Cook’s Hill club team won every open event and was runner up in the NSW Rescue and Resuscitation Championships. In 1920, the club also won the first Australian March Past Championships. In 1928, a state wide check revealed Cook’s Hill as holding more trophies won in Surf Lifesaving competitions than any other club. Today, Cook’s Hill continues to have members competing at the top levels of surf carnival competition.

In 1936, the Juvenile division of Cook’s Hill SLSC, now referred to as the ‘Nippers’ was established. In recent years, the number of Nippers members has risen greatly and now outnumbers the seniors. The nippers have also recently achieved outstanding performances in carnival competitions.

The 2003-2004 season saw Cook’s Hill SLSC mark another achievement in its substantial history with the opening of the new and beautifully renovated club house, potentially being one of the best function venues in Newcastle. Cook’s Hill also continues to advance technologically with the launch of its web page. The State carnival saw record performances by its nipper’s members, with multiple gold medallists heading home at the completion of the carnival.

Many aspects of Cook’s Hill SLSC remain unchanged since 1911; the wonderful beach patrolled without the loss of any lives, loyalty of members, and their enthusiasm and determination to succeed. These are some of the attributes still evident throughout the long history of the club.

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